3 Easy Steps to Awakening your Leadership Potential

First, sign up below so we know you are getting ready to grow leaders with us.
Second, attend an in-person training sessions or on-line "Teaching Leadership Session."
Third, get assigned a classroom so you can "teach as you learn" leadership.

According to the National Training Institute, your chances of learning is 90% better by teaching others!

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You get to Wake Up as a Leader!

You are born with the ability to lead based on the unique gifts and talents given to you. Your leadership is meant to look like nobody's else.....just like your Thumbprint. However along the way you have forgotten and/or want to explore who you are meant to become as a leader. By becoming an Instructor, we will walk alongside you and explore your leadership potential. You will access our in-person and on-line instructor training sessions at no cost, our leadership book at a reduced cost and be matched to a school to teach what you are learning with us.

You get to self -actualise and self-transcend meeting your highest needs as a human being by becoming an Instructor with us.
First, you do not need to have any prior experience teaching or with children..... so exhale! Our best Instructors have been those who simply show up with passion, a desire to learn and open to new experiences.

Here are the steps you take to get you ready to become an Instructor with us:

1. You attend in person or on-line one of our training sessions titled TRAINING YOUTHS TO BECOME LEADERS and GLF LEADERSHIP INSTRUCTOR TRAINING . We use our Facebook page to post our in-person trainings so make sure to always keep your eye on that page. You can get to the on-line session in our next tab. You must complete the full on-line training session for which we do submit some written questions in a mini quiz to ensure you understand our procedure and content and that you are ready to begin growing leaders with us.

2. After the in-person or on-line sessions, we test you to understand if you captured the material as intended. It is short and to the point so don;t get nervous.

3. Then you decide if you are ready to go the next step and adopt a class for 4 (1-1.5 hours which can be completed over 3 months) leadership sessions. We assist you in coordinating with the school etc. You will be required to buy our in-classroom book at our cost price of $100T or $15US.

4. Once you have started with a school, we project manage the relationship with you to ensure the students and you have a WOW leadership experience.

Our goal is truly a very simply one....we are your back office operations as you light your own leadership candle in this world and also use your light to bring light to others. Some final house-keeping.....

- Our session are done during regular school hours so a teacher is always present in the classroom

- The schedule is flexible and it is up to you and the Principal/Teacher to coordinate your session. We suggest you schedule all up-front and change along the way if issues come up.

- We do measure the progress of your students and require school feedback so you must remain in contact with us during the entire experience

Over 2000 Instructors and counting have gone through our training and programs adopting classrooms....we look forward to you joining us!
If you have not taken the course in person within the last 6 months. You will be required to take the on-line courses titled TRAINING YOUTHS TO BECOME LEADERS and GLF LEADERSHIP INSTRUCTOR TRAINING. After all we need to get you ready as a leader for your classroom!

Please go to courses and you will find under FREE COURSES the two courses you must take to proceed. We also encourage you to try taking our other FREE COURSES when you have the time and also our LIMITED RELEASE COURSES (these require payment) when they become available. We spend a lot of time and effort each year re-desinging these courses just for you so take full advantage of our offering and please spread the word!

The success of our program is wholly dependent on word off mouth and social media as we collectively share our positive experiences and learnings so we are counting on you to speak up about us!
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