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Become a Teacher | Growing Leaders Foundation


3 Easy Steps to Awakening your Leadership Potential

First, sign up below so we know you are getting ready to grow leaders with us.
Second, attend an in-person training sessions or on-line "Teaching Leadership Session."
Third, get assigned a classroom so you can "teach as you learn" leadership.

According to the National Training Institute, your chances of learning is 90% better by teaching others!

Register to become an Instructor

You will, in no time, stand out as a Leader in your community and company!

Regardless of your current situation, we will walk alongside you and help you uncover your leadership potential. Just take a moment and show us with your hands how huge that potential is..... ok we saw that...WOW! There is no time like now since you will never recover the time you lose today "not as a leader". This is not like any other development program out there where you learn all kinds of new things, get excited but in a matter of weeks or months, you forget what you learned much less change your life because of it. This program helps you build new habits to ensure what you learn you can implement in your life right away with us as your buddy nudging you along.

So join this exclusive club of leaders and imagine how different your future will be when you are in in the driver's seat of your life and work!
1. Go to TAKE A CLASS on the home page

2. Take the following FREE classes: GLF Leadership Instruction Training and Training Youths to Become Leaders

3. When you are done shoot us a note at and you will get assigned to a Project Manager to get you tested and assigned to a teaching gig!

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